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Posted by Shadic93 - March 29th, 2012

This one's to all of those die-hard Toonami fans out there......

Toonami, you've taught me so many life lessons. Words can't begin to show the appreciation I have for you. Even though I'm late, Happy 15th Anniversary, Toonami. Stay Gold, Everyone.


Oh wow u.u good old days, even tho I saw this in spanish haha
Happy 15th Anniversary

Thanks for letting us know!

Heh. Whether it be in Spanish, French, English, or any other language, Toonami is within all of it's fans and followers.

No prob. NeoToonami may not be as great as the old Toonami, but I'm still rooting for it to come through. Might be pretty good for me. ^_^;

I remember this. i loved Toonami.

Same here. Didja hear about the April Fools' prank Adult Swim pulled? They played Adult Swim in the form of Toonami durin Saturday Midnight. It was a cruel prank to pull, especially when I had thought Toonami came back when I was watchin it. T__T

Wait, Toonami is back isn't it? I was watching it last Sunday

Uh-Oh. You haven't heard, have you? Apparently, Adult Swim played a prank on us. It ran Adult Swim in the form of Toonami as an April Fools'. It was really cruel of em. T__T

I never really saw Toonami. At least CN hasn't completely gone to shit like Disney and Nick.

I remember a character on that show iCarly saying "Norwegia". Great geography you're teaching kids, Nick.

True dat.


Ah, well played Adult Swim, well played.

It pissed me and a bunch of my friends a lot off, so yeah. Gah, Adult Swim is cruel for that. o__o"

Genius...pure genius.

It's amazing how your humor can twist and turn like that. Lol.

Just got word from Adult Swim's twitter from by friend. Apparently, Adult Swim's gonna ACTUALLY try and bring back Toonami. TBH, I'm not sure if it'll work or if they're even tryin, but I just hope the outcome pleases everyone.

They trolled so many people... you can't tell me you're not impressed at least a little?

Just a smidgen. The nostalgic of me is insulted, tho.



I heard Alvin-Earthworm cancelled his totally original series about Mario and Sonic so that he could move on to bigger and better things like drawing naked foxes.

I have also heard that.