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It's been a loooooooong time since I've seen this. Great work, Teejay. Can't wait for ep 10.

And as always, you keep it "classy", Pkmn2. :B

My condolences, Ran-Cossack.... V__V

1st, I need to kick myself in the face for being late to seeing this masterpiece. Gah!

2nd, I absolutely loved the new features you added in with the sprites. The quality with the VA's got slightly lower outside of the Pokemon fights, but that's Flash for ya. Story's staying on the right track, so I'm glad about that. Good to know that the stat changes are workin now; that's definitely an improvement.

3rd, you deserved FP for this, man. I can guarantee that for you. Definitely getting better with each and each ep. Keep it up, Teejay.

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Didn't think I'd ever be seeing this (Or Final Fantasy Sonic X) ever again.

I have to say it feels real good to actually see something from 15 years ago here that was really well-known finally conclude. Definitely diggin' the new battle system. Nice work, man.

MidNightMaren responds:

Glad to see you around playing this still! Thanks dude!


Did her head just turn into a lamp? XD

And what is that comin out of the lake?! DX

I loved every minute of that empty void. Great job, man.

Pienkaito responds:

Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Pretty good, man.

1 problem tho: There's a music bug when you fight Vega. His theme and the other themes clash when he enters the room. Might wanna fix that.

Other than that, awesome job, man. :D

Muja responds:

Yeah, that's true. You could prevent it from happening by clicking on the "skip" button. I'm sorry for this mistake! ^_^
Thank you for your kind review!

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Monica Rial would be pleased. :3

anjidu responds:

:///3!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

Agreed. SOR2 hype, mang. This proves it. Nice job, mang.

This is really relaxed. Sounds like somethin you'd hear in a Hunomgous Entertainment game. Awesome job creatin this, man. :D

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It actually looks really good! Nice job, Kia-chan! :D

Hot damn, this is an amazing sketch. Good job on leaving the color out; it definitely looks better w/o it.

Ol 'Banes here better appreciate it! Nice job!

camily8 responds:

Thanks! :D And shadowbanes did like it, a lot

Really nice. The walk kinda seems like a "Oh no, pantsu!" shot, so I like that, to. :B

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