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After 4 years.....

Posted by Shadic93 - May 29th, 2012

.....Toonami is finally back. I can now rest easy.


Good to see it back. I wasn't ever a real fan, but Toonami was alright.

You should check out a game called Lollipop Chainsaw. I didn't even know what to say when I saw the commercial.

Jeez, Fer---err, chillbro. Come to my posts a lil more often. Just to spice it awp. :P

Yeah, I was insanely glad when it came back on the air. Bout to watch it in half an hour. :3

Lollipop Chainsaw? I'll check it out.

Some faggot has his 19th birthday next month. Hopefully the bombs will go off this time.

Yeah. I hope those bombs blow him up go--HEY! XD

Is this in celebration of Toonami's 15th anniversary? I'm just glad we didn't get a redesign like Tom 4...

Haha, true. Wouldn't exactly feel like a TRUE Toonami Anniversary if it was Thomas the Train instead of Tom. :P

I remember the good ol' days of DBZ on Toonami. Not as bad with censorship as Nicktoons, though the Ocean Dub really fucked up with reverting the episodes from 291 to 276(though Funimation had managed to cut 1 episode worth of content after the Ocean Group cut 14). You know the Ocean Dub still continued after episode 67(53 edited) in the UK and Canada? But they completely skipped over the Frieza saga. Then they did DB and GT. It had something to do with some stupid law in Canada.

Yeah, I was surprised when I found out that the Ocean Dub was still goin on. TBH, I didn't think it'd even be able to go on. Then, there was the Big Green Dub.

I came...

Better get a mop on Aisle 3!

I was wondering if I should watch Dragon Ball Z with the Japanese music or with the English music.

Bruce Faulconer wasn't the only guy who did the English music for Dragon Ball Z. Nathan Johnson did episodes 1-67, Bruce did the rest of the series, and Mark Menza did GT and a few of the movies. I'm not sure who did the other movies.

I don't think you should, unless you've watched Kai. If you have, you've practically listened to the original DBZ Jap music then.

Yeah, I know. Ocean dub guy for ep 1-67, new FUNI guy for GT and a couple of the movies. Then again, what about for the DB movies?

Prepare for another of my speeches...

I stopped watching Kai after episode 20 ish because I prefered DBZ for three reasons:
1. DBZ goes beyond the Cell games, though the Cell Games wouldn't be a bad ending(Akira Toriyama had intended for both Frieza and Cell to be the final villains before continuing)
2. I prefer the original voice actors. The new voices aren't bad(Frieza for example makes the character's voice sound closer to the Japanese voice), but I'm just used to the older ones. The only BAD new voice is Gohan.
3. I liked DBZ having filler. Filler was a unique way of adding on to the Dragon Ball franchise. Not all filler was good(like the last five episodes of the original DB) but it usually provided more characters and backround. If it weren't for filler we wouldn't have any of the DBZ movies. All 13 of them...

If I could get my hands on the DVDS though(or at least the DVD versions of the episodes, hint hint) I would watch the series from start to finish. The DVDS aren't butchered like on TV, and I hear they actually have "a wider dialog"(all we had before was Season 2 of DBZ).

1. Yeah. Then fans wanted more, so they threw out Majin Buu. He was funny as hell, tho.

2. Same here. The older 1s kinda put more life into the series than the newer/current 1s IMHO. The newer 1s were OK, tho.

3. WORD. Especially the 1 where Goku gets owned by a rock thrown by Krillin. That 1 was hilarious. Besides, filler kinda takes the seriousness off of the show due to it's plot (or lack thereof for other anime).

For now, you could watch em off of this site that streams em, along with a bunch of older CN shows.


And one FINAL thing:
If you watch Kai on CW, you'll see this:
<a href="http://daizex.com/misc_stuff/blue_popo.jpg">http://daizex.com/misc_stuff/blue_popo.jpg</a>

A 403 Forbidden message came up when I clicked on this. :|

Actually I was able to download all the episodes uncut and uncensored(off of the remastered dvds).

Oh. It'd still be cool to see you on the site, tho. While the stream's goin, there's a chat on the right side.

The best new voice is Travis Willingham(he didn't voice Cell in Kai, but he voices him in the games now). He sounds almost exactly like Dameon Clark.

Now if you'll excuse me, my 9001 comment limit has been exceeded. Farewell... until next post.

True dat. I'm not gonna lie; before I found out it was Willingham doin Cell, I thought it was Dameon Clark.

Also, messsage from SMBS: He wants you to get on Gmail moar often.

See you next post!

Don't be surprised if I get deleted soon.

Gah.....For what?

I've decided to waste my times spamming the forums because it's the little amount of entertainment I'll still get here. Might even use alts to piss them off.

Or maybe I want to get myself deleted...?

Subconsciously, you might wanna get yourself deleted. Can't exactly say I'd agree, but as long as you're havin fun, I guess.

Just hope it doesn't happen TOO soon.

Chillbro, you crazy-ass bastard.