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Didn't think I'd ever be seeing this (Or Final Fantasy Sonic X) ever again.

I have to say it feels real good to actually see something from 15 years ago here that was really well-known finally conclude. Definitely diggin' the new battle system. Nice work, man.

MidNightMaren responds:

Glad to see you around playing this still! Thanks dude!


Did her head just turn into a lamp? XD

And what is that comin out of the lake?! DX

I loved every minute of that empty void. Great job, man.

Pienkaito responds:

Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Pretty good, man.

1 problem tho: There's a music bug when you fight Vega. His theme and the other themes clash when he enters the room. Might wanna fix that.

Other than that, awesome job, man. :D

Muja responds:

Yeah, that's true. You could prevent it from happening by clicking on the "skip" button. I'm sorry for this mistake! ^_^
Thank you for your kind review!

Pretty Good!

Although I wish I could change the controls. It's hard with the controls you have set up.

It was an awesome game!

Loved the gameplay (even though it was only 2 battles :( )! The language and grammer still needs improvement. I could help you with that, if you want. The Limit Break made it more fun. This game was really fun!

This makes me even the more anxious for Ristar 3! Too bad I gotta wait another year! T__T

MidNightMaren responds:

LOL, well maybe :P Its not that the score of this game made my day anyway... XD



Even better than the 1st!

Save Options, moar swords, moar summons, and a bonus game; is there anything else to ask for? ^__^


The gameplay improved, the graphics improved, and most importantly of all....THE ENGLISH IMPROVED!!!! It isn't perfect, but it is understandable.

Nice job man! Can't wait for Garnet Story!

A very good flash, but

When you make the next one, improve your English.

Arthuria99 responds:

right sir!

This feels like a real RPG

You've outdone yourself this time. This is an awesome game! I can't wait for the next one. I really can't. I'm just so excited.

On a personal note Ihope you end the Sonic RPG series in mid October.
I've got some ideas for a storyline. leave a message if you want them.

MidNightMaren responds:

About Sonic RPG, just check my post on my NG account

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