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It's been a loooooooong time since I've seen this. Great work, Teejay. Can't wait for ep 10.

And as always, you keep it "classy", Pkmn2. :B

My condolences, Ran-Cossack.... V__V

1st, I need to kick myself in the face for being late to seeing this masterpiece. Gah!

2nd, I absolutely loved the new features you added in with the sprites. The quality with the VA's got slightly lower outside of the Pokemon fights, but that's Flash for ya. Story's staying on the right track, so I'm glad about that. Good to know that the stat changes are workin now; that's definitely an improvement.

3rd, you deserved FP for this, man. I can guarantee that for you. Definitely getting better with each and each ep. Keep it up, Teejay.

Holy crap. Dude, your animation skills have gotten INSANELY better since Sonic RPG eps 1-4. I was a little disappointed when there weren't any voices in this trailer, but it didn't bring down the killer scenes implanted in ths trailer.

2013 tho, huh? Heh. I've waited 4 years for Sonic RPG. I suppose waiting another 6 months won't do me TOO much harm. Just remember, Sonic X Cosmic Chase took a good few years to come out. The animation here seems very similar to that, so try not to make it seem like you're copying the style from that movie or anythin (Not sayin you are, just a piece of advice).

Either way, kudos on the trailer and I'm hopin to see the full thing March 2013!

MidNightMaren responds:

Yes... I totally know what you mean about Sonic CC. The fact is that I was astonished at the draws of it at the time it came out! It looks similar yes, but it's because its very Sonic X oriented. But the fact that it has it's original characters and unique storyline, it won't seem similar by the time the full movie comes out... I hope...

And, much thanks for the review! It's always nice an opinion coming from you ;)

This was a pretty cute and fitting way to honor Randy. I especially loved the sh*t hat LOL Runner had. That was hilarious! Awesome job, man! If Randy were here to see this, he'd be honored.

Pienkaito responds:

It seems like that poop jokes didn't die out yet.

Interestin direction you've taken it in. Nice work. Lookin forward to dat 5th ep.

Also, GRAMMAR MAN. So many grammar errors! XD

Hehe. Finally got off your ass, huh Ric? :P

Sweet teaser. Now I've gotta sit on mah @$$ for the real thing. :B

RicPendragon responds:

Yeah :3 I'll be working on it from 28th=1st non-stop and then part-time after that.


Sir, let me take the time to say a few things. Thanks to this flash, I have had to wipe my keyboard jizz FIVE TIMES. And that was from the intro alone. My god, man. This flash was amazing, stupendous, sugoi, other great compliments! Like devilman said, I felt myself feelin it was awesome how you went from a serious opening story sequence to an insane (under-exaggerated word BTW) fighting scene between Marichu and a bird! And I loved that little spat between you and Ran-Cossak at the end. That was hilarious.

Back when I knew you about a year and a half ago, I thought you were gonna take forever to throw out Parallel Memories' 1st episode. Now that I've seen it, I've seen how far your mind is willin to go, Pkmn2. This was indeed 1 of the top best flashes I've seen in this year so far! A world where you could enter the amazing worlds of video games and anime......I'm willin to see how far you're gonna go with it, man!

I hope Parallel Memories episode 1-2 will be the best flash I've seen all year! Or (if you slack off, lol) at least the best in 2013. Either way, like I was before when Parallel Memories was just a project, I'm behind you all the way! Keep it up, Pkmn2! *Thumbs up, Sparkle Sparkle* :D

Pienkaito responds:

Please, don't expect too much from Episode 1-2 since it's only concluding the story for that episode.
It's seems that you liked the junkyard scene. Who wouldn't?

Thanks for watching.

This was aweshum, mang. It's a shame these 3 were deserted. If only they made it to Newgroundswood (snazzy name, eh? :P ). And dat Katamari was sick. XP

Great work, mang. Loved the trailer at the end. Saw it on YouTube, too. Saw mah comment? :P

Also, did that Akuma just Moo? :O

Pienkaito responds:

Yop, I shaw yoh comment in YuTub. Fhanks fo dat and fhanks fo liking this flash.

And yesh, Akuma moos.

Really awesome work, man. I jsut have 1 problem tho: You kinda had a lack fo balance with the music and the voice acting. While I hafta admit the VAs have gotten better from the last ep, in here the music is a lil bit too louder than the voice acting in battles and outside of battles you can barely hear the music over the voices.

Other than that, great job. Hope you fix that in ep 8. Nonetheless, awesome job, mang. :D

teejay-number13 responds:

The ambient music was a little louder originally but I felt it was too distracting from the voices, so I lowered it. Inside the battle, I want the music a little louder to make the battle more exciting.

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