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Newgrounds 2012 Redesign.

Posted by Shadic93 - February 8th, 2012

Whoa. When they said they were gonna redesign NG, they weren't foolin! This was WAY better than the other redesigns. We even got new NG faices now, too.


love the redesign. looks quite sexy :3

Not as sexy as me. :3

NG just brought sexy back... and the redesign looks nice too I guess.

It's about DAMN time I got a reply from you. Jk. :P

Oh I see what you did thar. Very nice. XD

The design is A-okay. But the rest...

I don't even fricking know, who made the flashes on the frontpage without clicking on them first.
It also lacks the short descriptions on them.
I hope, they do something about them, because I hate the "judge a book by its cover" way.

Word. They need to incorporate those from the previous NG design.

GUNDAMN, I can't even edit my previous post. >_>
Yeah and about the profile pages. Where's my level? Can I even level anyway? So much crap to deal with. I hate it. ;_;

NG's goin new YouTube on us. T__T

If you're tryin to look at your level, go to Stats. It should be at the top right.

Eh, I be busy yo

I understand. Us college bros gotta free up time for ourselves once in a while tho, right? ^_^;

I'm putting off writing a 7 page essay right now -___-

For Engrish?


I figured as much. I had 15 pages to do for 1 semester. Each 1 was harder than the next. What's the topic for this 1?

are you sonic?

If only. Lol.

Wait a minute. I remember you! :O

No subject, we're comparing and contrasting the tones of two authors of two different speeches.

In 7 pages???? O__o'

yea i keep leaving newgrounds its just not so interesting

True dat. Well, I'm just glad to see you again. ^_^;

Quite. MLA format tho, so it was pretty easy. I'm already done

Glad you didn't procrasinate on your's.....like I used to.

lol you sucks!


I'm too cool to procrastinate... except now.

Lol. Dat irony.

It came back to bite me in the ass pretty hard. Don't think I'll do it again.

Hope not. College doesn't handle procrastination well. Then again, I don't hafta tell you that. Lol.

Yep. Dropped my A average to a C.
Luckily, midterms aren't even close yet, so I can definitely reclaim that A.

This is your 2nd semester, right?


How is it so far?


No problems or anythin?




More like shorter classes than me. -__-"

Because of my skillz

Oh, I see what you did thar. Very nice.

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